Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Teamwork Between Home and School

I am often asked about the difficulties of working in schools, whether it's from a teacher perspective or an administrative point-of-view. People mostly just want to hear juicy stories about angry parents, troubled students, or teachers that should be avoided. They are always disappointed to hear that those stories are few and far between.

The main reason is that the three groups I mentioned (parents, students, and teachers) all have the same desired outcome: student success. I have yet to meet a teacher that does not want all of their students to experience academic, social, or emotional success. I doubt I ever will. I have also never met a parent that does not want what is best for their child. There have been a lot of students that say, "I don't care if I do well in school", but the reality is that every student wants to feel successful.

For this reason, we often see great collaboration here at Beach between our stakeholders. In the five weeks that this school has been open, many parents have come through the doors wanting to better understand their child's academic plan. Those parents have been met by teachers that are willing to share, but also receive feedback on how they can better service students. Students have reached out to teachers and support staff so they can improve their learning outcomes and meet expectations.

The shared vision and goal of academic, social, and emotional success of all children is why I don't have dramatic or juicy stories to share with curious people. Only when the stakeholders here at Beach come together with an understanding that we all want the same thing for students can we achieve collaboration, empathy, creativity, and problem solving.

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