Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3rd Trimester Run-Down

It's the last 12 weeks of the school year! Can you believe we are this far into? I know that it's felt like a whirlwind in the front office. I hope you are all geared up for a very eventful and exciting end to the 2016-2017 school year. Here is what to expect:

WEB DJ Skate - March 18th
Parent Education Series - March 19th
8th Grade Orchestra to the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra - March 21st
Author Visit March 22nd-23rd
Jazz Band Concert - March 30th
Spring Break - April 3rd-7th
mSTEP - April - May
TrackLacrosseWashington D.C. April 25th - 29th
Moving Up Day - May 26th
BMS and CHS Band Memorial Day Parade - May 29th
Choir Concert - May 30th
Empire Project Night - June 1st
5th and 6th Grade Band Concert - June 6th
JA Finance Park - June 9th
Academic Honors Night - June 5th, 2017
8th Grade Farewell Dance - June 15th
Last Day of School - June 16th

Keep your eyes open for the Newsletter that comes out every month for more details.

Happy Spring!